Friday, March 21, 2008

Conformity (and lack thereof...)

Obviously, conformity is a big theme in all of the books we've read this semester. I mean, AWNM talked so much about how everyone is going on the same career path because it guarantees success and money, and how no one is straying, but it's necessary to because our society is changing to the Conceptual Age. So it's advocating career non-conformity. And how basically the whole theme of Romeo and Juliet is forbidden love because their families were feuding. They were being VERY unconformist by getting together even though it was forbidden because of the feud. AND there's even more non-conformist thoughts in poetry: think The Road Less Traveled. And also Beat poetry; that was pretty non-conformist. Although I haven't started 1984 yet, I'm guessing that a main theme of that is how bad conformity can be for a society. So I'm thinking that this should definitely be included in our project...

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maddief said...

I think that this should be the main focus of our project. Conformity vs. challenging the system can be seen in all of our books this semester: 1984-Winston and Julia going against the Party, AWNM- Going from left brain to right brain thinking, Romeo&Juliet- Loving each other despite their families hating each other
And we already know that challenging the system relates to our books from last semester.